Body treatments
Body Prescription - Combined dermostimulating body peeling

Ideal for the treatment of all skin types. It is used as a preparatory treatment for professional treatmens and / or machinery or in preparation for sun exposure.

Slim - Localized fat treatment

Thermoactive lipomobilizer mud, reducing and slimming, ideal for the treatment of localized fat deposits, coulotte de cheval, skin laxity of abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Useful for reshaping and firming tummy, hips and waistline.

Dren - Water retention treatment

Cold gel with active cryo action, ideal for the treatment of water retention, edema, reduced tissue exchange, reoxygenation of tissues, skin laxity, fatty deposits.

Dren - Treatment for lymphatic stagnation

Jellyfied salts, enhanced by the spray booster, reduce water retention and reactivate the microcirculation of legs and abdomen.

Cell - Anti-cellulite treatment

The SCHOCK DRONE vials contain an innovative intelligent release system which, like a drone, delivers encapsulated active ingredients that perform a triple combined action on fat accumulation, formation of new adipocytes and lipolysis. Ideal for actively combating cellulite nodules and orange peel skin.

Gym - Skin elasticity treatment

Ideal for the treatment of skin laxity. It redefines the areas most affected by skin laxity, such as abdomen, arms, thighs, mimicking the effect of physical exercise.

Gym - Breast treatment

Professional treatments with modeling and firming action, ideal for treating skin elasticity in the breast and décolleté area.