Loss of tone and elasticity of the skin

Skin aging can slow down

The cutaneous laxity is caused by a gradual yielding of the tissues with loss of elasticity and tone, with a slowing of the metabolism of the fibroblasts that produce less collagen and elastin fibers. The decrease of hyaluronic acid inevitably leads to a poor hydration of the tissues, which further worsens skin laxity.

How to combat skin laxity

Few rules to keep the skin elastic and young:
• Healthy and correct nutrition
• Drink a lot of water
• Perform professional treatments regularly
• Practice regular physical activity
• Limit the consumption of alcohol
• Avoid smoking
• Exfoliate regularly

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  • Tones and redefines the silhouette
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Products formulated for the treatment of skin laxity.

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Professional treatments

Skin elasticity treatment

Ideal for the treatment of skin laxity. It redefines the areas most affected by skin laxity, such as abdomen, arms, thighs, mimicking the effect of physical exercise.

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