Shiny skin is a very common beauty problem often associated with oily or mixed skin, characterised by spots and widespread blackheads. If your face also appears oily and shiny, especially in the “T-zone”of the forehead-nose-chin area, and your skin feels thick to the touch, then you have oily skin. You have a skin type characterised by the overproduction of sebum which makes it oily and creates dilated pores. Although shiny skin is a very widespread imperfection, it is not always treated in the right way. The most common mistake is, in fact, to “dry” the skin out with overly aggressive products, which simply stimulate even more sebum production.

 What should you do then? If your skin is shiny, then you need to... take the shine off it!

Let us explain how to make skin less shiny with four simple tips.

1. Daily cleansing: the key word is “delicacy”
First of all, you should never make the mistake of using aggressive detergents on your face, because you will achieve the opposite effect: the more you dry your skin out, the more sebum it produces.
It is important to wash oily skin thoroughly because the lipid layer that accumulates on the face becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which, over time, inflame the pores that are already clogged, thus causing spots.
When choosing a detergent, avoid those which produce too much foam and opt for formulas based on salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy acids and zinc.
You should then rinse gently with warm water and pat your face dry using cotton towels, without rubbing to avoid stressing the skin.
Finally, remember to remove make-up from your skin every evening: this is essential not only to rid it of the impurities that accumulate on your face during the day, but also to let your skin breathe and allow it to rest overnight and regenerate.

2. Skin tonic? Always alcohol-free!
After washing and drying the skin on your face, you can use an astringent tonic providing it does not contain alcohol. Choose tonics with natural soothing extracts and antibacterial substances, which act on imperfections and disinfect the surface layer of the skin.
If you want to gradually refine the texture of the skin on your face, there are lots of types of water enhanced with small amounts of glycolic acid, which slowly remove dead cells and leave your skin looking smooth and radiant.

3. Don’t be afraid to use moisturising cream if you have oily skin
Many people often make the mistake of not moisturising their skin because it is oily and they think that applying a face cream will make it greasy. In actual fact, it is really important to apply a moisturiser even on oily skin. Just pay attention to the consistency: choose a cream that is light and purifying, based on glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids, especially if your main problem is blackheads.
If you are looking for a “fresh effect”, you can opt for a gel or a serum, which are absorbed more quickly and are less perceptible on the skin.

4. Exfoliate to remove dead cells
Finally, the last tip for taking the shine off skin is to use exfoliating creams or gels once or twice a week: these are products that gently peel and remove dead cells, so your skin is ready to generate new cells. If your skin is shiny, exfoliating is essential because it is the dead cells that accumulate in the pores together with sebum, which cause blackheads.

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There are two main causes of oily skin.

- Hormonal changes, which cause the sebaceous glands to work harder.

- Temperature fluctuations between the outdoors and enclosed spaces. Indeed, you will have noticed that in the summer, your skin becomes shinier because you tend to sweat more.



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