A simple approach: problem = solution

Our characteristics are excellence and UNIQUE SKILLS wich allow you to reach high quality standards. An ESSENTIAL and new line that offers a technical solution specifically developed to TARGET each problem.

Innovative products and formulations

An innovative and highly advanced product line, ideal for the cabin treatment integrated with home-use product. Thanks to its active principles this product line gives you highly advaced results. A PRO level, because you are PROFESSIONAL.

A 25-year long expertice

Dermatrophine is a brand owned by SIFARMA, an Italian company that has more than 20-year long expertise in the DERMATOLOGICAL and AESTHETIC medicine domains. We have a strong portfolio of owned brands: Canova, Dermatrophine, OPI, Payot and Marbert.
OUR GOALS are health and wellness.


With DERMATROPHINE PRO is possible to treat all skin blemishes with efficient, functional active principles, alpha and beta hidroxy acids. We use ACTIVE PRINCIPLES in the higher fuctional percentage to target each problem. All our RESULTS are tested and immediately visible.

Expertise made in Italy

The product line is the result of the latest DERMATOLOGICAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CANOVA® that strives to offer effective solutions for the main skin blemished customers are most concerned about. High tolerance formulations that combine optimal concentration and effective active principles to create a product line totally MADE IN ITALY with alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and other functional active principles.


Formulazioni e prodotti studiati per il dermatologo, a disposizione dell’estetica professionale.

25 anni di competenza nel mondo della medicina estetica e della dermatologia.

L’expertise dei Laboratori Canova che formula prodotti e trattamenti per trattare e risolvere le principali problematiche estetiche della pelle.

All our products are NOT COMEDOGENIC and are NOT formulated with SILICONES, PARAFFIN and PETROLATUM.